Simple and Effective by Franger'sMate

I've been applying for jobs recently and had gotten a couple offers. I like both companies so I've been wrestling with the decision for a little while. I heard about this app from a friend and am pretty happy with how it worked. It didn't magically solve the dilemma but seeing the options on a easy to see chart was helpful. Definitely would recommend to friends and coworkers that have big decisions to make.

Very Useful App by MaximusPrime42

This app has definitely helped me out plenty of times. I am someone who takes forever to make a decision but with this app I am able to put in all the useful information I have and am able to make a logical decision on what I want to purchase. I have used this app plenty of times and plan on continuing to use it in the future.

Just what i needed by Mistyblue65

Simple and easy to use. Great if you're going out to eat with a group.

Nice interface by Eman152

It calculates tax, tip, and splits. It has a nice simple interface, but I wish it also had a calculator instead of just a number pad. If you go out with friends and want to calculate your exact portion it would be nice to have an app that has a calculator built into the tip app. That way you do not have to switch in and out between two apps.

Changed the way I spend money by brianiacthemaniac

This app is the only successful finance-keeping method I have had, ever since balancing one's checkbook became unpopular. But what really matters is not the dollar value of your bank account, but your net cash flow. iExpenseIt has this displayed at the top of every screen.

The critical feature, however, is the ability to create custom searches and reports. Whether it be tracking my paychecks, checking my dining-out budget, or seeing how much I actually spend on gasoline (versus transit), I can find out in an instant where my money is going. The reports it generates are invaluable. iExpenseIt has changed my spending habits for the better.

I like this by Jeff Lebowski

The bad news is that I haven't tried any other expense tracking apps. The good news is I haven't had to. I like what iXPensIt does. Tracking expenses is mundane an burdensome so I'm happy when an app mitigates the pain. I especially like the smart interface, the auto complete fields and, especially, the option to export as CSV files. Also, I like that I can easily backup to Dropbox on demand. So far, it seems I can customize the app as much as I need to. One drawback I see is no option to edit categories unless you are entering an expense. I'd like to just add or delete or reassign categories and subcategories anytime as needed, not only durning a transaction.

Average by Bay 415

No integrate system for use with iPhone calendar and no gps feature

Downloads schedules so you can check them even if you lose cellular data by Classic_iMac

After trying several apps, I think this is the most useful because you can still see a train schedule even when you don't have internet access, especially useful if you want to figure out the next available train while you're underground in a subway without a signal. I had hoped that the MTA's own app would have this functionality, but so far not.

It also provides live data when it can, such as the track a train may be on at Penn Station, though I'm not sure how accurate that data is.

Also, it's just for one system really, but works for that system. While you can get complete transit instructions from Google, those require an internet connection and, as far as I can tell, don't have real-time data about things like delays or track number.

Works great daily for me by nycore

I used to use the coocoo app which was a pathetic joke. This app seems to work even without a cell connection as far as departure and arrival time goes. I use this daily when I'm pushing all the tourists out of my way because they're dumb and I'm frantic trying to rush to whatever train will get me out of the cesspool that is NYC!!!
It works, 5 stars based on accuracy for schedules

Brilliant by Thorein69

This makes it so much easier than getting on the computer to search or look for track information while at Penn Station or to even try and find those train booklets at Penn. One of the most useful apps I have by far.

Very handy for commuter rail travelers by RI Computer Guy

This app has very focused function and is extremely easy to use! We used it in a number of situations when traveling to New York recently and I found it to be an excellent little product! Highly recommended!

All in all, it's worth the download by Maryann MacFadden

This app is perfect for information! This totally beats frantically searching all over safari for times! Everything is right there for you. However the usability if this app could be much improved. The screen in where you can select a time for future train departments is very hard to see due to the colors. It would also be really nice to have a way to delete some of the 'favorite pairs' that appear in the left as I've accidentally added a few in that are unneeded.

I really think a 'no trains available' pop up or screen when trying to select two places in which a train does not run. I got a shotty grey screen, I though the app might have been broken. With minor tweaking this app in the works of becoming a powerful tool! All in all it's worth the download!

So incredibly useful and so well done by Mateo999

As a frequent njt rider, this app is indispensable. When I open it, it takes me right to the page which tells me the next trains from my home station to ny penn, the time remaining until boarding, whether there are transfers, and total travel time. A+++++

Love this app! by NEF in PPB

Loads fast. Remembers your favs. Always accurate. Shows track numbers - which has helped me make a few trains at the last min :-0

Great App by FlynnPatrick

Downloaded this app last night after getting misinformed about the train schedule. Learned about Metra On Time it from a fellow passenger. You can save multiple routes and access them quite easily. Never show up for a train that has been removed from the schedule again. Very good app.

Excellent app by sooner84

Needed a replacement as my previous Metra app simply stopped displaying schedule information. This app is superior in every way. Countdown timer, service advisories, and the ability to save favorite routes are just a few of the reasons this is an excellent app.

Better than alternatives in Chicago by JacksmackDotCom

I've had several apps for my train schedule. This one has the most features from the ones I've tried.
Though I have not used the app for a long time it hasn't failed me yet.

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